Your inner being knows what you need.

Open space for your inner wisdom through meditation, colours and light.

We will together explore the meaning of the steps towards the deepest of your own journey, thus paving the way to your find the appropriate to your daily life.


Aura-Soma is a therapeutic system that calls upon all the wisdom of Nature: colours, plants, flowers, crystals and light. It proposes to strengthen your balance, and to regenerate and protect your energies. It also envisages bringing you closer to your essence, through the recognition of the colours of your true soul. It is a non-intrusive and self-selective system.


The Meditation is a practice of presence which embraces all that surrounds you, and no identification. It proposes the balance of energies, closeness to yourself, as well as nurturing your inner space.


The Channeling Coheressence method is a therapeutic energy movement system designed to balance your chakras and your aura as a whole.