“The harmony of colours as a mirror of the harmony of life”

“Seeking together the meaning that makes the most sense to me”

“I felt very comfortable, relaxed and welcomed.  The room, the colours, the colour of your clothes, your tone of voice… All of this “slowed me down”, making me very present”

“I was thrilled to see my path, my moment, represented there”

“A sense of integration with all colours”

“The vibration and attraction of colours, the sensitivity and openness of conversation, and the perception of how colours are revealed to me - and are consistent with my process.”

“I felt serene and welcomed.  It was great to know about the bottles, but it was also great to talk about my impressions and realize that I was really heard”

“I felt very comfortable, I snuggled into myself.  The process welcomed me”

“I came into contact with the forces that make me what I am”